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Carol Graham and Casey Kearns are experienced in real estate

Carol Graham, originally a Texan, by way of many years living and working in Santa Fe and Taos. happily calls herself a born-again New Yorker. Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley have been her home for over 20 years.


Though a fan of Austin's laid-back, small-city living no place has been as natural a fit for her as New York.


Her enthusiasm for its history and diversity has led her to explore and appreciate neighborhoods from Williamsburg to Coney Island, and all regions of the Hudson Valley.


Carol brings her own brand of high-touch service to real estate with well-honed listening skills and an acute dedication to finding the right solution for every dilemma.


For 15 years, she has been helping sellers ready listings for the competitive markets in the city, throughout the Hudson Valley, and Catskill regions.


Her clients' comfort, satisfaction, and the bottom line is her most treasured outcome, and she works hard to make every ending a profitable one.

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Originally hailing from out west, Casey Kearns first moved to New York in 1996 and has seen the face of the state, and real estate specifically, change over those 25 + years.  


With a JD from Brooklyn Law, a background in real estate sales, and an eye for design and staging, the significance of the right presentation when showing and selling a property is not lost on him.  


Casey is aware that there is more than the right price point and the bottom line when purchasing a property.  It’s also about the way it feels when someone sees it online or walks in the door.  


He has earned his living by presenting property realistically, beautifully, and ready to show.  


Casey’s listening skills, vision, and integrity make him well-suited in helping others with preparing a property for market, with a satisfying and profitable relationship for all.

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